Farm to Gut Santa Monica Fall Harvest Special

A one of a kind playful VIP educative cooking event from French Celebrity Chef, Yves Vacheresse.

Join a new kind of party! Be a VIP for a day and have fun going to the Farmer’s Market to hand-pick the best produce the season offers with Yves Vacheresse, Private Chef to The Stars.

Be part of a one of a kind, local seasonal harvest-focused event, and let Yves guide you through a playful collaborative cooking and dining experience.

We are celebrating the fall season and harvest with all the smells of apple picking and pumpkins abound. In the kitchen you will be creating your fall favorites dishes with an elevated and plant based twist.

We look forward to being at the Market and in the kitchen with you!

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

9:30am to 3:00pm

Santa Monica, CA

Discover the healing power of plant-based foods made from a great diversity of farmer’s market ingredients while having fun creating delicious, nourishing magic designed to both please your palate and enhance your health and well-being!

Your adventure starts with a fun educational trip to the Santa Monica’s Farmers Market where Yves will show you how to pick the best ingredients.

He will also share with you tips on how to “see” the energy and vitality of produce, and what to look for when comparing a vegetable, or a fruit, like a broccoli, a lettuce, or a basket of strawberries from one farm to another. Buying at a Farmer’s Market does not guarantee the produce you buy will always be the best (not all farms are created equal!). Yves will show you how to stack the odds in your favor with the best foods the farmers offer.

You will meet back in the kitchen as you team up with a partner to cook a delicious and nourishing multi-course dinner from locally sourced and gut beneficial ingredients.

As you work on your dish, Yves will teach you shortcuts, tricks and ways to elevate the food you are making to the level where delicious culinary creations live. He will also share with you his knowledge on gut health and teach you the health-building blocks necessary for having the thriving gut foundational to excellent health.

You will leave the event with tools to create for yourself the same high vibrational foods and knowledge that Yves curates for his celebrity clients. 

Eating together communally is a sacred ritual full of joy, laughter, and deep connection. Join us as we gather to celebrate the harvest and the start of the fall holiday season.

Limited spots available.

Price – US$375

Dates: Saturday, November 12th, 2022
Time: 9:30am to 3:00pm
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Note: $50 per person is included in total price for shopping at the Farmers Market.

Address will be sent with event details in an reminder email the day before event.

  • Hands-on direction and support from a Master Chef for best recipe creation and execution

  • Playful Education on “Plant Food Eating For Gut Nourishment”

  • That plant food-based dishes can be delicious, sophisticated and packed with flavor

  • Living with a healthy gut is the key to alleviate life’s physical challenges
  • The high vibration of local, seasonal organic foods, as opposed to factory farm foods, provides you with deep nutrition at the cellular level

  • The critical role of prebiotics and probiotics
  1. Gather friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, or even random acquaintances, pick a teammate you have not cooked with before, and meet Yves at the Saturdays Farmer’s Market.

  2. Get assigned a meal course with your partner. Come up with a recipe together (Yves will be there to help you) and venture out to find the best ingredients from the best farms.

  3. Meet back at the host’s kitchen to prepare your dish with your teammate, and Yves’ help.

  4.  Upon completion, proudly present your dish to the group.

  5. Mealtime! Everyone gathers around the table to savor the fruits of their labor.
  • A one time 10% discount towards Yves one-on-one three month coaching package.

  • Written recipes handed out post event.

  • Photos from the event & styled shots of the dishes you create.

  • A whole lot of magic to be revealed.

From LA-Based Celebrity French Chef Yves Vacheresse whose career includes the above establishments & notables.

Food is meant to nourish our body, our soul, and the billions of microorganisms residing in our gut”. – Chef Yves

Meet Chef Yves Vacheresse

Yves Chef’s trajectory as a chef took him from a 120 ft sailing yacht in the Mediterranean decades ago to today’s Private Chef to the Stars; He was personal chef to Hollywood actor Jim Carrey and performer Cher.

Stops on his journey included corporate jets (he once entertained Cary Grant, Gregory Peck and Frank Sinatra as they flew to Princess Caroline’s first wedding in Monaco), country clubs, luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, and conference centers.

Chronic asthma and countless allergies in his early 20’s, led Yves to understand, at a deep level, the connection between food and health. It became his mission to create super delicious foods that heal and nourish. An unwavering dedication to organic, local and seasonal foods was born. 

Unfortunately, and despite decades of healthy eating and mindfulness practices, Yves, then in his 50’s, began to suffer from chronic inflammation, digestive issues and a leaky gut.

He suspected that his way of dealing with stress and past traumas all these years by numbing himself with sugar and unconscious eating, had something to do with his condition. So he went to look for the hidden causes of his physical problems. He found them in his out of balance gut microbiome.

Using simple practices designed to support microbiome health , Yves regained his gut health through food, eating and mindfulness. He created a protocol from his experiences that he shares with his clients to help them experience vitality, balance, energy and a stress-reduced life.


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