Farm to Gut Norway

This is not your average dinner party!!

Farm to Gut Norway is a multi-experience private event mixing elevated plant-based cuisine, a hands-on cooking class, and light-hearted mindfulness with a new and revolutionary approach to total health!

Be part of an original concept anchored by LA-based celebrity French Chef Yves Vacheresse, who ventures to the sacred lands of Norway from the sunny coast of LA this October to premier a one of a kind collaborative candlelight cooking and dining experience.

This is the first stop on his global journey to help people heal their gut and limit food cravings and addictions while eating delicious foods.

Eidsvoll Norway - from 15:00 to 20:00

Saturday the 29th of October - Harvest Special

Sunday the 30th of October - Halloween Special

Join Yves in the kitchen, team up with a partner and prepare one course of a delicious and nourishing multi-course dinner made from locally sourced and gut beneficial ingredients.

Health and yoga instructor Solveig Hemli Solbakk (Eidsvoll local and Norwegian organic food certifier) will be collaborating with Yves to bring her knowledge of local farms, seasonal products and nutrition, and help create a plant-based event from “mystery baskets” filled with vegetables and fruits from local farms.

Besides learning new recipes, professional tips and shortcuts, you will discover how pleasure and healthy foods can combine and lead to a thriving gut and vibrant overall health. You will have a front-row seat to the secrets Yves shares with his celebrity clients. 

“Farm to Gut” is first and foremost a playful and joyous experience where you gather with friends, family, loved ones and random acquaintances to deepen your food journey and gain new perspectives on eating well.

The event is designed by Yves’ partner and fiancee Elowyn Alexandra (artist, guide, vocalist, & visionary) who specializes in experiential journeys through food and art. She is bringing a casual west coast vibe yet elegant atmosphere to a cozy hearth in Norway.

The Seasonal Themes – please come dressed for the occasion:

In celebration of fall, Saturday October 29th is a Harvest Special and features only local seasonal plant-based products. After yoga, meditation, and cooking class, you will have time to dress in your favorite, perhaps sensual, “formal” dining attire.

On Sunday the 30th of October, is a Halloween Special with a bit of spooky cheer. A more casual evening, we will dress for dinner in Halloween inspired attire. If you don’t like Halloween, don’t worry, you can just dress up!

Regular Price: US$497

Discounted Price: US$375

Dates: 29th & 30th of October
Time: 15:00 to 20:00
Location: Eidsvoll, Norway

Address will be sent with event details in a reminder email the day before the event.

Limited spots available.

What is included:

  • Yoga class
  • Meditation class
  • Group cooking course
  • 3 course plant-based dinner
  • Education about farm to table cuisine, nutrition, gut health, and plant based approach to food

Bonuses ($800 value):

  • A one time 10% discount towards Yves One-on-One three month “Jumpstart” coaching package – $150 value
  •  1 candlelit portrait of you at the event + pictures of event + professional photos of dishes created – $650 value
  • Written recipes of all dishes made, handed out post event

One glass wine, a non-alcholic drink, some kombucha, along with sparkling water will be served with dinner. Please bring your own bottle if you want more.

  • Hands-on direction and support from a Master Chef for best recipe creation and execution
  • Playful Education on “Plant Food Eating For Gut Nourishment”
  • That plant food-based dishes can be delicious, sophisticated and packed with flavor
  • Living with a healthy gut is the key to ease life’s physical challenges 
  • The high vibration of local, seasonal organic foods, as opposed to factory farm foods, provides you with deep nutrition at the cellular level
  • The critical role of prebiotics and probiotics


Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into our “home” with a fresh non alcoholic refreshment. You will have time to settle and meet everyone.


Begin your journey with some light restorative gut-focused yoga led by yoga instructor Solveig Hemli Solbakk to move your body, leave behind the day and connect to your heart. 


Venturing further inward, you will join everyone for a short taste and sound ceremony which will set the energetic container for the evening. Yves will do a brief introduction on gut health, followed by a short sound meditation and tasting experience lead by Elowyn. Together, everyone will deepen with a question about the relationship with food. 


You will then enter the kitchen, pair up in teams and be presented with your “mystery baskets”. Everyone will collaborate to create a multicourse dinner, deciding what feels most exciting and inspiring for them to create. Yves will then lead you through the cooking experience with tools and tips for the kitchen. This is where the party truly begins, as you get to dance, drink and eat some light appetizers while you cook. 


After this playful and enlightening experience, you will dress in your favorite, perhaps sensual, “formal” dining attire. As everyone gathers, celebrating long forgotten traditions of dressing for dinner, the candlelit dining room will be revealed. Together, the magical multi course will be served. Stories will be shared and new friendships formed. Yves will further discuss and answer questions about plant-based food and gut health. 


Dessert will follow, with the culmination of the night featuring an after-dinner cup of tea, with the option of getting your photo taken by Elowyn in the candlelight.

From LA-Based Celebrity French Chef Yves Vacheresse whose career includes the above establishments & notables.

Food is meant to nourish our body, our soul, and the billions of microorganisms residing in our gut”. – Chef Yves

Meet Chef Yves Vacheresse

Yves Chef’s trajectory as a chef took him from a 120 ft sailing yacht in the Mediterranean decades ago to today’s Private Chef to the Stars; He was personal chef to Hollywood actor Jim Carrey and performer Cher.

Stops on his journey included corporate jets (he once entertained Cary Grant, Gregory Peck and Frank Sinatra as they flew to Princess Caroline’s first wedding in Monaco), country clubs, luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, and conference centers.

Chronic asthma and countless allergies in his early 20’s, led Yves to understand, at a deep level, the connection between food and health. It became his mission to create super delicious foods that heal and nourish. An unwavering dedication to organic, local and seasonal foods was born. 

Unfortunately, and despite decades of healthy eating and mindfulness practices, Yves, then in his fifties, suffered from chronic inflammation, digestive issues and a leaky gut.

He suspected that his way of dealing with stress and past traumas all these years by numbing himself with sugar and unconscious eating had something to do with his condition. So he went to look for the hidden causes of his physical problems. He found them in his out-of-balance gut microbiome.

Using simple practices designed to support microbiome health , Yves regained his gut health through food, eating, and mindfulness. He created a protocol from his experiences that he shares with his clients to help them experience vitality, balance, energy and a stress-reduced life.


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