Upcoming Farm to Gut Events

A one of a kind educative party and cooking experience from LA-based celebrity French Chef Yves Vacheresse

Join us on a global journey to help people heal their gut and transform their addictive patterns around food.

Farm to Santa Monica Inaugural Brunch

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Meet friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, or even random acquaintances at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Shop for amazing foods, cook in teams of two and discover the healing power of plant foods made from a great diversity of farmer’s market ingredients. Conclude the afternoon by introducing the dish you made with your partner, and partaking in the bounty made by everyone.

Farm to Gut Norway

Saturday the 29th of October - Harvest Special

Sunday the 30th of October - Halloween Special

15:00 to 20:00

Join Yves, Private Chef to the Stars, in the kitchen and team up with a partner to prepare one vegetarian course of a multi-course dinner made from a “mystery basket” filled with Eidsvoll’s best produce coming from local farms. Conclude the evening by introducing the dish you made with your partner, and partaking in the bounty made by everyone.

Farm to Gut Santa Monica Harvest Special

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Join a new kind of party! Be part of a one of a kind, local seasonal harvest-focused event, and let Yves guide you through a playful collaborative cooking and dining experience.

We are celebrating the fall season and harvest with all the smells of apple picking and pumpkins abound.

Farm to Santa Monica a Different Type of Turkey Day

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Join a new kind of party! Do you ever struggle to come up with creative ideas to have a plant based thanksgiving without baking a tofurky? We are here to solve the age old question of how to eat a plant based diet comprised of mainly just that, plants. And as the holiday season is upon us, how to make a series of holiday recipes that are so delicious that everyone wants to eat them instead of turkey.

You will learn...

Yves spent decades catering to the most demanding of clientele.


He is now sharing the secrets that enabled him to create delicious dishes despite restrictive diets.

Nourishing the trillions of bacteria that live in your gut is the single most important task you can undertake to create vibrant health.


And what do bacteria eat? Fiber.


Where does fiber come from? Plants.

Unless you are a big fan of vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, odds are that you may be afraid of being bored with a predominantly plant-based diet.


Fret not. Yves will introduce you to amazing flavors that will make you fall in love with the plant world!

There cannot be true health without a healthy gut microbiome. You will discover the simple hacks that will ensure you have a vibrant gut flora.

Aside from freshness and a vastly superior taste, which of the following tomatoes will be fuller with nutrients?


Tomato A: allowed to ripen on its vine and taken to a farmer’s market by the small local farmer that grew it.


Tomato B: the product of a factory farm picked before being ripe, gassed and shipped thousands of miles


Please do not sign up for our Farm to Gut events if you answered B.

Learn easy and accessible practices that will help you deal with a world that has become too fast, too complex, too competitive and too unpredictable.

“What should I eat?” – erase that sentence for good from your vocabulary and discover which foods work for you and which do not. Become aware of how your food and lifestyle choices make you feel and pick what makes you happiest.

Have a healthy and balanced gut microbiome and be amazed at what happens to your overall health! Your brain and your heart live in your gut. Be good-hearted by learning to care for it all!

Eat nourishing food, it tastes so much better!

Know what truly nourishing foods look like and where to find it.

Befriend food and it will befriend you!

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